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The Olive Pledge

Uniting to Stand in Solidarity with Palestinian Children


At The Olive Pledge, we stand united in our unwavering commitment to justice and equity, particularly in the face of the heart-wrenching realities unfolding in conflict-ridden Palestine.
Disregarded calls for peace and ceasefires propel us into action, prompting the collective mobilization of our energies and resources to counter the collective punishment inflicted upon the Palestinian people.
This birthed The Olive Pledge - a platform for value-driven businesses, entrepreneurs and influencers ready to organize and mobilize against the backdrop of mass civilian casualties and a deafening silence. 

What is The Olive Pledge?

It's a collective promise, a unified voice against the atrocities affecting innocent Palestinians. A commitment to fund critical medical aid for the victims of the conflict. In the past 50 days alone, over 10,000 women and children have lost their lives, leaving 27,000 more severely injured.

This modern tragedy implores us to act. The Olive Pledge invites you to pledge your support, raising both awareness and essential funds for crucial medical assistance. Our partner charity for this campaign is Inara—a beacon of hope specializing in providing medical and psychological support for children in conflict, with a proven impact in Palestine.