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About Us

Step into the world of The Date Parlour, where luxury and taste collide to create an unparalleled experience. 

Our mission is nothing short of captivating our customers with an exquisite array of premium quality offerings. At the heart of our commitment to excellence lies a dedication to fair trade practices, organic cultivation, and the unwavering support of small-scale farmers. We've cultivated a philosophy of trade over aid, elevating farming communities and setting the standard for exceptional quality.


As connoisseurs in the art of indulgence, we take immense pride in seamlessly harmonizing two cultural pillars – British and Middle Eastern. Our expertise lies in the meticulous marriage of quality chocolate with fresh dates, resulting in each creation at The Date Parlour being a refined fusion of natural fruits transformed into luxurious bites suitable for every occasion. It's a delicate dance that captures the essence of both cultures in every delectable bite.

To ensure an unparalleled taste experience, we exclusively source organic produce, handpicking the epitome of quality for your enjoyment. Our overarching mission extends beyond our delightful treats, creating a conduit for farmers and manufacturers to showcase their produce domestically and internationally.


Ethical practices are the cornerstone of our approach, ensuring fair compensation for every ounce of goodness that goes into our creations.


Emphasizing our commitment to ethical sourcing and supporting Palestinian farmers, our Belgian couverture chocolate stands as a testament to luxury. Meticulously crafted with a high cocoa butter content, it is the darling of gourmet and culinary professionals worldwide. Through a whole-bean roasting technique, we preserve the rich flavors and aromatic oils within the cocoa husk, allowing them to elegantly infuse every bite with an unforgettable taste.


At The Date Parlour, our dedication to ethical practices and the unwavering support of Palestinian farmers isn't just a mission; it's ingrained in every aspect of our business. Indulge in our offerings, where each meticulously curated bite tells a story of cultural richness, ethical sourcing, and an unwavering commitment to the epitome of luxury and quality.

Welcome to a world where every moment of indulgence is a celebration of sophistication.